Ethical Telecoms Providers

RugbyTel delivers bespoke telecoms services to companies, and creates sustainable revenue streams for rugby clubs and charities. We buy the mobile minutes, the internet connections, and the fixed and IP technology wholesale from the leading network providers, and pass on the cost savings to our clients. We then also give half of our profit from your deal to a rugby club or charity of your choice. We will continue to give money to your club or charity for as long as you use us. We are likely to be more cost effective than your current providers due to our buying power, so let us audit your company’s telecommunications for free, and tell you how much you could save your business, and raise for your club, this year.

“We want to achieve two things: Firstly, to deliver our products and services with customer service that's second to none, and the professionalism, passion, and ethos which we ourselves live by: honesty, integrity, and transparency, and secondly, to help the grass roots sporting community attain sustainability for years to come.“
- Gareth Hardy, Co founder of RugbyTel
Telling The Stories That Keep Us Going: The RugbyTel Blog
Telling The Stories That Keep Us Going: The RugbyT
If you know the RugbyTel brand, you know that our business’ charitable practices started in the reverse order of the typical Corporate Social Responsibility story. While most businesses are founded with profits in mind…
An interview with Julian Andrews, MD Virocom Communications
An interview with Julian Andrews, MD Virocom Commu
Before RugbyTel launched, we spent over 12 months speaking to a numerous telecommunication companies, trying to find one that understood what we were trying to do to help the rugby community, and also the standards of se…
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